Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trying out Windows Live Writer

This is really just a test post to see how Windows Live Writer works. So far, so good. Especially if it will let me post to all my blogs from one place! :)

My daily tarot reading

I'm going to try to get back into doing and posting my daily readings - it's been a long while since I have. I keep getting caught up in work and forget to take the time for myself and my practice.

So, today's reading is a simple 3 card one of what the day has in store for me:

Queen of Wands - intuitively: Isis bestowing blessings on me. By the book: Friend

8 of Swords - Intuitively: Barring my enemies, perhaps my own fears and inhibitions. Book: Trap, impediment.

Ace of Pentacles - Intuitively: Fortunes raining down on me. It's been a slow sales weekend so perhaps things are going to turn around today? Book: Acquisition, success.