Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting back to basics

I admit it - I've been a bad Witch. A very bad Witch.

Over the past year or so, I've gotten so caught up in work and life, that I haven't been practicing rituals, barely been meditating, and I feel like I've gotten away from my Spirit.

There are several reasons why. First - though I adore cats and have loved every one that has passed my way - I admit having nearly 50 at one time in the house (long story) was too many. Carpets, walls and the house in general suffered from it. We have this year re-homed most of them and are now down to our core family of 13 cats but my altar in my bedroom shows the carnage with broken statues, scattered stones and general chaos. The small altar above my desk became my primary when I couldn't use my larger one, but the problem there is trying to ignore the work on my desk to focus on the altar.

As I have been suffering a lot of chaos in my business as well (again, long story) his year, I've had "no time" for proper rituals so then tried to do small ones or participate in cyber rituals in Second Life, though I barely even realized the Summer Solstice was this week.

So, I am starting to reconnect. And I decided instead of trying to do full rituals or worry about altars right now, I'd focus on the basics.

For me, the basics of Wicca and the Craft, are the elements. So I woke up before dawn this morning and stood outside in the grass, in the dark and windy and soon to be raining yard and allowed the elements to envelope me. I watched the sunrise with my hair being whipped by the wind and the wet grass at my feet and felt the magic around me.

It's been a long time since I've taken even a moment to just be in nature - and it felt like coming home.