Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Beltaine - Reflections of the Day

It's May 1. Beltaine. A time to celebrate fertility and the growth around us - of the Earth, of children, or ourselves.

Traditionally, Beltaine or May Day was a celebration of the union of the God and Goddess - of the Earth and Sky. It was often celebrated with bonfires and May Poles, dances, picnics and revelry. Often bonfires were lite the night before or on May Day Eve to burn away the old with a dance around the May pole the next morning to ring in the new.

May Poles represent the penis of the Earth or God and the ribbons from the top of it are his divine emanations spilling upon the land and it's people to fertilize and bring new life to all.  This to me, makes the Earth more in line with the Egyptian view of it being male (the God Geb), though most Pagan traditions consider the Earth female - Mother Earth or Gaia. The pole could be seen as reaching into the heavens for Nuit - the Egyptian sky Goddess and mother of the Gods. Though it could also be seen as One God renewing him/herself and in many other ways.

Whatever your tradition, Beltaine is a day to celebrate the God and Goddess joining in marriage and love - and is a traditional day for handfasting (marriage). It's a time to celebrate the loved ones in your life, to appreciate your children (and children in general) for the unbounded possibilities they hold for the future. To plant seeds that will grow throughout the warm, summer months and blossom into flowers or food.

It's also a great time to reflect on the seeds you want to metaphorically sew in your business or life. What changes do you want to blossom in the coming months? What plans to you want to see bloom? Celebrate today as a day of opportunities, new birth and joy. Let failures or set backs go and focus on the brightness of what is to come.

If you have the space to erect a real May pole, dance around it and let go in joy. If you cannot, make a small one for your altar - decorate it with ribbons and flowers and know that the God and Goddess are present in your life bringing their energy to whatever you want the future to hold.

Enjoy the day!