Friday, May 13, 2011

Listening to the Universe...even the things you don't want it to say

I had an interesting conversation with a customer earlier. He had a bad job situation and ended up forced to resign due to one person he had issues with for more than a year. He called looking for ideas for candles and oils he could use to help get the job back. But after talking for a bit, I got the impression that perhaps that wasn't the best idea. Maybe the universe was telling him it was time to move on.

Sometimes we get stuck - in a job, a relationship, situation, or just a mindset. When we are in it, it's hard to see any other way. No options. We just keep trying to work within it digging ourselves deeper into the mire. Until the universe, Gods, a good friend or sometimes even a stranger kicks us in the butt to get us out of it...which often just confirms that feeling we had but did't want to admit. It is time for us to move on.

A lot of times, getting out means taking a step back...which no one likes to do and perhaps is one of the big things that keeps us stuck. Collecting unemployment, ending a relationship, moving back in with parents or borrowing money from them is never a fun thing. But that step back can make it easier for you to see the big picture - make it easier to realize you are stuck and have to make a change.

If you practice any form of divination, you might try doing a reading on the situation. Ideally though, have a third party do a reading for you as it will be more objective. It's easy for us to see what we want to see.

And if you practice The Craft, don't get stuck on doing a spell that will keep you stuck. If you truly feel that is your best choice for now, be sure to include a clause that you will keep yourself open to all possibilities. But consider working towards new options, drawing towards you that which you need for your greatest good. Meditate or pray on what you really want and how to move towards it.

Here's to that kick in the butt!
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