Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Full Moon Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first full moon of the year and I'm planning a small ritual to mark it and help get back into following the natural rhythms of nature.

I have my altar mostly set up - I'll post some pictures tomorrow. I cleaned up the room a bit over the weekend getting it ready. I am planning to do the ritual before I go to bed tomorrow since I can see the moon from my altar room (hopefully it won't be overcast!) and set some items out to charge by it's light.

I have a silver gazing ball in a crystal vase I've used for many years to represent the moon on my altar. It sits on my window sill in my altar room now. I used to cover it during the new moon but haven't done that in a long time - mainly just because I haven't been in touch with the moon cycles in a while.  I used to always know when the full moon was coming as my monthly cycle was nearly always in sync with it. But since going thru menopause and no longer having a period for the last 2 years, I usually have no idea when the full moon is.

I would love to hear how you celebrate the phases of the moon. Do you honor each phase, just the full moon, or none at all? What ritual or objects do you set aside for the occasion?